Hydrotherapy training


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Movable swimming pool floor

adjust the depth of your pool quick and easy

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Integrated underwater treadmill

minimal impact on the joints

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Modular pool

Fast installation. Possible to build in various spaces

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Global supplier and manufacturer of hydrotherapy equipment

EWAC Medical is a global supplier and manufacturer of equipment for water-based rehabilitation, also called hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy. EWAC Medical supports clients at all stages. From design, commissioning and hydrotherapy training up to pool maintenance.

Selection of aquatic therapy equipment

Movable swimming pool floor

Change the depth of your pool easy and instantly. The movable swimming pool floor also makes the pool much more easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Modular pool

A freestanding pool for existing spaces or new build. Fast installation and easy maintenance.

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Underwater treadmill

Stationary walking exercises with minimum impact on the joints. In combination with a movable swimming pool floor, the depth can be changed as required.

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Shipping worldwide

Shipping worldwide. Experience with projects worldwide.

One partner for all hydrotherapy equipment

Therapy pool, movable floor, fitness, exercise & rehabilitation equipment, hydrotherapy training and pool maintenance.

Hydrotherapy workshop

Train your employees, increase effective and safe patient treatments. Request a custom hydrotherapy workshop in your area.

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