EWAC Medical actively endorses the development and sharing of knowledge in the field of hydrotherapy. Below you can find available articles from several authors, which can inform you about the subject Balance and Gait. We have categorised these articles for you as well as possible.


Graca (2020) Immediate Effects of Aquatic Therapy on Balance in Older Adults with Upper Limb Dysfunction: An Exploratory StudyNiks & ‘t Hoofd (2017) Aquamentia, Introducing a Newly Developed Swimming Intervention for People With DementiaDenning (2010) Underwater Treadmill Exercise as a Potential Treatment for Adults With OsteoarthritisRoper (2013) Acute Aquatic Treadmill Exercise Improves Gait and Pain in People With Knee OsteoarthritisBressel (2014) High intensity interval training on aquatic treadmill in adults with osteoarthritis: effect on pain, balance, function and mobilityLambeck (2020) Aquatic Therapy a valuable intervention in neurological and geriatric physiotherapy a narrative reviewHamacher (2018) Thinking While Moving or Moving While Thinking – Concepts of Motor-Cognitive Training for Cognitive Performance EnhancementTurner (2018) Falls in Geriatric populations and Hydrotherapy as an intervention; A Brief ReviewAvelar (2011) Effectiveness of aquatic and non-aquatic lower limb muscles endurance training in the static and dynamic balance of elderly peopleArnold (2010) The Effect of Aquatic Exercise and Education on Lowering Fall Risk in Older Adults With Hip OsteoarthritisLim (2014) The Influence of Short-term Aquatic Training on Obstacle Crossing in Gait by the ElderlyMethajarunon (2016) SR adult neurology balanceLouder T (2013) immersion and static balance (thesis)Avelar (2011). Effectiveness of aquatic and non-aquatic lower limb muscles endurance training in the static and dynamic balance of elderly peopleThe American Parkinson Disease Association (2001) Aquatic exercises for Parkinson’s diseaseLambeck & Gamper (2006) The EWAC obstacle course in fall preventionFransen (2007) Physical activity for osteoarthritis management- a randomized controlled clinical trial evaluating hydrotherapy or Tai Chi classes.Felten-Barentz et al (2015), Feasibility and Safety of Hydrotherapy in Critically Ill Ventilated PatientsBrugghemans (2011) Parkinson gait balance endurance (dutch)Assis (2006), A randomised controlled trial of deep water running clinical effectiveness of aquatic excercise to treat fibromyalgiaAlikahajeh A (2012) Effects of hydrotherapy in static and dynamic balance amoung elderlyAlbarello P (2012) Efeitos da Fisioterapia Aquática em um indivíduo com Síndrome Pós-Pólio Relato de CasoSarvestanil (2012) Aquatic balance training for inactive elder malesPark JS. (2011). Postural balance of stroke survivors in aquatic and land environmentsPark JS. (2011). Comparison of the Effects of Exercise by Chronic Stroke Patients in Aquatic and Land Environments.O-Connor (2012) Balance in children with CPMotta (2013) Balance and gait in post-strokeKang (2012) CP motor function and balanceGomes 2009 elderly balance fall prevention PortugueseCruz (2012) gait and CP

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