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EWAC Medical does not only supply burn treatment baths, but also makes an active contribution to the acquisition and distribution of knowledge about hydrotherapy and burn treatment. On this page you will find more in-depth information on all aspects of the use of burn treatment baths in rehabilitation.




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The EWAC Medical burn treatment baths are designed according to the specific needs in the field of burns treatment and chronic skin problems. They have been developed in co-operation with leading specialists in the field of burn treatment.

The bath tubs are available in different versions, height adjustable and stationary. The height adjustable version can be equipped with a standard length bath tub or a version for tall patients. The advantage of the elongated version is that tall patients can be fully submerged to facilitate skin treatment on ears and face.

All burns treatment baths are made out of first class stainless steel AISI 316 with a perfect finish, complying with the highest standards of hygiene and long lasting durability.

Optional equipment

Automatic filling
  - Filling stops when a pre-set level is reached
  - Possibility of manual re-filling
Additional scalding protection
  - Electronically controlled safety shut-off above 41 ° C
Desinfection equipment
  - Desinfection shower color coded
  - Regulation valve DN 15
  - Temperature adjustment via thermostat
  - Back-flow prevention system
  - Dosing valve incl. rinsing device
  - Visional display of dilution / dosing adjustment
  - Disinfectant jar


Ultrasonic device for lesion equipment
  - Smooth and gentle lesion cleaning
  - Support of the germ-killing
  - Initation and acceleration of the granulation
  - Advancement of the spontaneous epithelization
  - Improvement of the skin elasticity
  - Reduction of the treatment duration
In-patient and bath tub lifter with stretcher
  - Dimensions: 1955 x 795 x 1730 mm
  - Lifting adjustment (loaded): 0 - 965 mm
  - Max. load: 150 kg

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