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EWAC Medical does not only deliver walking pools and walking floors, but also contributes actively in acquiring and dispersing knowledge about hydrotherapy. On this page you will find more in-depth information about all the aspects that come into play with a walking pool or walking floor.




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Intergrated technology

For underwater walking exercises, EWAC Medical developed a special walking pool, with a movable floor, observation windows and a built-in watertreatment plant. The surface of adjustable floor is made of antiskid polyester tiles in the colour light blue. The surface area is also equipped with a permanent gangway.

The adjustable floor is equipped with a water hydraulic cylinder which takes care of the height adjustment. The water hydraulic unit is integrated in the technical cabinet of the walking pool. The adjustable floor is suspended on stainless steel cables, attached to the pool walls.

The depth of the pool can be adjusted by two buttons, on a control box on the outside of the pool. This control box is equipped with a captive key system. The pool can be equipped with accurate depth indication, displayed on the control cabinet as well as on a large wall display.  With a remote control the therapist can adjust the depth from any location is the room. 

Many possible options

Underwater treadmill   Underwater treadmill   Underwater treadmill can be used to perform static walking exercises. The advantage is that the therapist can continuously watch and correct the patient's movements from one position.
Parallel bars   Parallel bars   A walking floor is usually equipped with removable parallel bars.
Underwater bicycle   Underwater bicycle   The underwater bicycle is especially designed for excercising circular motion in water. The unique feature of the underwater bicycle is that the resistance increases progressively with the rotation speed of the pedals, which makes it extremely suitable for rehabilitation purposes.
Counter current unit or Jetstream   Counter current unit or Jetstream   Countercurrent unit or jetstream. A jetstream offers exercise resistance to the patient moving against the flow. A wall nozzle produces a strong water jet which is aimed at the patient, and depending of the required exercise load, can be softened with air.
Underwater camera   Underwater camera   This special underwater camera enables the therapist to track the movements of the patients, and if necessary record the movements for further analysis. By comparing images from multiple sessions one can get a clear picture of the progress made by the patient.
Underwater lighting   Underwater lighting   Depending on the measurements of the pool, one or multiple under water lights can be built into the sides of the pool. This is highly recommendable to improve the sight through, for example, the observation windows. The lighting can be either delivered in monochrome, or in colours.
Watertreatment installation   Water treatment   Depending on the size of the pool a customized (sand) filter system can be included. Built by EWAC Medical, our treatment plants meet the highest standards in the field of water according Dutch WHBVZ / Vlarem and DIN 19643.
Ceiling lift  

Ceiling lift


A ceiling lift can be attached to the ceiling to lift patients (who are unable to enter and exit the pool themselves) in and out of the pool. The lift can be equipped with a special sling. The lift can be used to lift patients up to 250 kg/550 lbs.


Observation windows

Depending on the size of the pool, the pool can be equipped with either 4 or 6 observation windows. These windows enable the therapist to observe and to assist the patient during the walking exercises. These windows have a measurement of 100 x 60 cm/39.4 x 23.6 inch. The windows are made out of 25 mm thick acryl glass. 


Optimal Water circulation

To ensure optimal water circulation, skimmers are integrated into the pool wall opposite to the clean water injection points. This way a optimal water circulation can be provided. The built-in water treatment plant consists out of a circulation pump, a cartridge filter, an electric heat exchanger with temperature control and indicator, a measuring panel for pH and chlorine.




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