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Pool Accessories

Float and training materials that can be used in various therapies and exercises that can be done in pools, such as the Bad Ragaz Ringmethod. See below for our wide range of hydrotherapy accessories. 

Aqua dumbbells The WIN dumbbells are very light, but due to the unique form they deliver varying resistance.

WIN Floaters

Body band

Ankle band

Wrist band

The WIN Floating devices are practical in use. Due to the ability to remove the foam strips, the level of buoyancy can be adjusted.

The Velcro seals make it extremely easy to put on and take off the floaters.

Aquafins with floating board Aqua Fins are made of high quality colored plastic,  they are supplied with a colored floating shelf.
Star practise board The Star practise board can be used as an ordinary floating device with handles, but also to support the chin and the neck. The use of two plates on opposite sides of the hull makes stabilization exercises possible.
Wonder board The Wonder board is bent and slightly flexible. Can be used to sit or stand. Great for training of balance.
Aqua Twin Float The Aqua Twin Float is designed to give, in a minimally invasive manner maximum stability to the entire upper body. Due to the patient being able to remain low in the water, the optimum efficiency from the upward force of the water is obtained.
Senior swim collar The senior swim collar has two separate air chambers with safety valves and is fastened by means of a Velcro closure.
Hydro-noodle The hydro-noodle is very flexible and soft. Due to the large buoyancy, the noodle can be applied in many ways.
Chailey floating device The Chailey floating device provides excellent support for the upper body for both children and adults. The head is supported on both the side and the rear. Due to the flexible tube that passes under the arms, the floating device can be adjusted in size and the patient is given additional security.
Aquastep Deluxe Deluxe Aqua Step, step up bench made of polyethylene. Unmatched stability due to fixation on the pool floor by use of suction cups. Stackable.
Aquastep Budget Aquastep Budget, step up bench made of polyethylene with stabalizing sides.

For more information and documention, please contact EWAC Medical.

The EWAC Medical Hydrotherapy Accessoires can be used in various therapies.

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