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Exercise-, play- and floatmaterials

Find out about all the floater sets for your everyday need in the pool.

Nowadays, Aquatic therapy without floaters is very rare. For almost every method in aquatic therapy but also for the patient-handling, floaters are a fundamental need to provide the proper conditions.

EWAC offers different types of Floater sets, from the basic needs to the possibility to offer more active sessions, even with or without storage systems and user-charts. This way you will have the opportunity to enhance the possibilities in the pool.

The active floater set is also used in the hydrotherapy workshops. Read more about hydrotherapy workshops. Get more out of your swim lessons or training by investing in durable exercise- play- and float materials.

Below you can view the assortment of EWAC Medical.

Overview assortment

The EWAC Medical Hydrotherapy Accessoires can be used in various therapies.

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