Lambeck (2022) IATF Post Covid statement 2022


The outbreak of Covid-19 has made the medical and scientific industry across the globe to pitch in together to stop the pandemic from causing loss of lives. Understanding and preventing the mode of transmission, documenting clinical presentation in acute phase, establishing treatment algorithms have been challenging goals for the medical faculty and researchers. The whole world has started bracing itself by developing vaccines and various treatment protocols to handle the pandemic.

IATF has been a preferred partner in Aquatic education and the current statement is an attempt by the Team of IATF to provide a statement in possible support of aquatic therapy intervention in alleviating the symptoms and aiding functional recovery in patients with Post Covid. While most people with COVID-19 recover and return to normal health, a quarter of the infected people may experience symptoms that continue for at least a month; more than 1 in 10 may remain unwell after 12-weeks, and others may have ongoing symptoms for poster than 6 months.1-3 The post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 have been described by patient groups as “post COVID”, and as “post-COVID conditions” by the World Health Organization (WHO) and United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).4,5 Post COVID is an emerging condition that is not yet well understood, but can be severely disabling, impacting people, regardless of hospitalization duration or severity of acute COVID-19.

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