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Rehabilitation in water offers unique advantages compared to other methods of rehabilitation. EWAC Medical is Internationally renowned as the company that has developed the most advanced technology and knowledge in the field of Hydrotherapy. Our movable swimming pool floor, our modular pool, our knowledge and experience speak for themselves. We can support you as no other can in furnishing complete rehabilitation departments from concept to realisation. Below are a few examples of products. For more products please visit our product page.

Our Aquatic therapy product solutions

Movable swimming pool floor

We believe in an adjustable depth. With a movable swimming pool floor the depth of the pool can be changed easily and instantly. The movable swimming pool floor also makes the pool much more easily accessible for wheelchair users.

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Modular pool

With a modular pool any space can be turned into a hydrotherapy department. Our modular pool is unique in the market and can be fitted with a myriad of options, such as a movable swimming pool floor and an underwater treadmill.

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Underwater treadmill

The underwater treadmill is the next step in hydrotherapy. The underwater treadmill offers the possibility to perform stationary walking exercises. In combination with a movable swimming pool floor the depth can be changed as required.

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EWAC Medical offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products in the field of Hydrotherapy. Such as our movable swimming pool floor and modular pool.
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EWAC Medical plays an active role in the development and proliferation of knowledge about Hydrotherapy. Visit our extensive knowledge centre.
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EWAC Medical has very extensive project experience, with more than 1,000 successfully completed projects worldwide. View the summary online.
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