A practical approach to enchance knowledge about hydrotherapy and rehabilitation programs

To ensure patients can be provided with the most effective hydrotherapy, we offer hydrotherapy trainings in different levels.

The trainings will be given by authorised doctors, therapists and/or health professionals and with reference to evidence-based literature.

The hydrotherapy training can be used for physical rehabilitation; fitness; relaxation and other therapeutic benefits. The hydrotherapy training can be useful for;


  • Understanding benefits and physical effects
  • Update on hydrotherapy related medical studies
  • Patient specific cases (e.g. neurologic, musculoskeletal, pediatric).
  • Methods (e.g. Halliwick, Ai Chi)
  • Practical teaching based on research and studies

(Health service or medical) managers and decisionmakers

  • Making the right choice for your department or rehabilitation centre
  • Ensuring that healthcare facilities provide the most effective patient care
  • Knowledge about technical and medical advances
  • Business implementation decisions
  • ROI
  • Understanding how hydrotherapy can be cost effective


  • General product understanding
  • Basic problem solving
  • Maintenance
  • Pool management


  • Better understanding of medical equipment
  • Sales skills

Upcoming training calendar

Below you will find information about our upcoming hydrotherapy trainings

Date:            February 20-22, 2019
Subject:        Basic hydrotherapy training
Location:     Thailand, Bangkok

Personalized hydrotherapy training

Do you wish to have a specific training, please get in touch with us for an intake interview. Based on the intake we will find a suitable trainer, literature and develop the right training for you.

Advice and support

EWAC Medical offers advice and support to all participants on implementation of a therapy program, design, maintenance, product choice and anything else which is important when you purchase medical equipment.

Benefits of water-based therapy

Hydrotherapy also referred to Aquatic Therapy, are treatments and exercises performed in water.  Weightlessness of the human body in water and warm water makes hydrotherapy extremely suitable for patients with rheumatic-, neurological disorders, muscle diseases and patients who are bound to a wheelchair.

Read more about the benefits in our knowledgebase.

About EWAC Medical

EWAC Medical is a worldwide supplier of hydrotherapy products used for aquatic therapy since 1988. We support the use of hydrotherapy, to improve the patients health. Read more.





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