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EWAC Medical has many years of experience within hydrotherapy products.  In this geographical view you can see a summary of some of the more than 1,000 projects EWAC has successfully completed worldwide. This is why EWAC Medical is the world market leader in hydrotherapy equipment. The above map is interactive, you can use your mouse to pan and zoom.

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Adjustable floor

The movable swimming pool floor enables the therapist to choose the right depth for the patient. Because of the buoyancy of the water, the loading on the patients joints can be reduced, which makes it easier to move and practise. That is why EWAC delivers movable swimming pool floors that are suitably designed and developed for rehabilitation in the medical sector.

Water offers a safe and risk-free exercise environment.

Modular Pool

We make it possible to turn every usable room into a hydrotherapy area. Our freestanding modular pool can be assembled at every possible location. In this way, hydrotherapy becomes available for nursing homes, hospitals or small rehabilitation centers. While the patient does exercises in the water, the therapist can precisely track and correct the movements through observation windows on the sides of the pool.

The modular pool can be equipped with a great amount of accessories.