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Water treatment is important in pools used for water-based rehabilitation because it helps to ensure the safety and health of the patients using the pool.

Proper water treatment is necessary to maintain the pH and chlorine levels of the pool water. These levels must be kept within a certain range to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, which can cause infections or skin irritations. Maintaining the appropriate pH and chlorine levels also helps to prevent the formation of algae, which can make the pool cloudy and difficult to see in.

Additionally, water treatment is important to prevent the build-up of harmful chemicals such as chlorine byproducts, and to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in the pool and filtration system. Water treatment also helps to keep the pool clean and clear, which can be important for patients with mobility issues or injuries who may have difficulty seeing the bottom of the pool.

Moreover, it is important to regularly test and treat the water to ensure that it is safe for patients to use. This includes testing for pH, chlorine, and other chemicals, and adding chemicals as needed to maintain the appropriate levels.

Overall, water treatment is essential for maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment for patients who use the pool for water-based rehabilitation, and for ensuring the longevity of the pool equipment and facilities.

EWAC Medical water treatment systems

EWAC Medical manufactures complete water treatment plants for Aquatic Therapy pools. Proper water treatment is important in every swimming pool, but especially in the case of pools used for vulnerable patients. A water treatment plant takes care of:

  • Water filtration (removal of solid particles)
  • Automatic Chlorine dosing (repressing the growth of bacteria in the pool)
  • Automatic stabilization of the acidity (pH) of the water
  • Automatic water heating (for optimal Aquatic Therapy the temperature should be between 28 and 32 degrees C)

Because of the automatic disinfection the system is very suitable for pools that are irregularly used, for instance due to the difference between weekends and working days. Water treatment plants for swimming pools are custom designed according to the sizing of the pool and adhere to the strict Dutch and European guidelines regarding water hygiene.

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The Aquacontrol compact filtering unit which can be applied as well for the butterfly bath as the rectangular bath.

The Aquacontrol filters the water, brings it to a pre-adjusted water temperature and takes care of the disinfection. Through a time clock on the control panel, the operational hours of the Aquacontrol can be set.

In use cases where the usage of the bath is very variable and to maintain the correct levels of chlorine, the Aquacontrol can optionally be equipped with automatic sensing and dosing of chlorine disinfectant. The pH-value can be read, but is not processed. By this optional control, the free chlorine value can be maintained at the right, pre-set, level automatically. This guarantees optimal water disinfection.

The Aquacontrol filter unit can be connected directly to the EWAC butterfly bath or rectangular pool by flexible hoses. This is only possible for types 4 and 5 of both baths/pools. Thus, the Aquacontrol is connected the butterfly bath or rectangular bath, so that they form one unit. The Aquacontrol is equipped with:

  • circulation pump
  • cartridge filter
  • electric heat exchanger
  • dosing pump
  • storage tank for chlorine
  • control cabinet.

The unit can be switched to automatic or manual control. In manual mode, circulation pump and dosing pump turned on or off independently. In automatic control, the timer takes care of the switching functions. Using the automatic timer, the Aquacontrol can be turned off two hours after closing time and on 2 hours prior opening time of the facility. This leads to serious energy savings.

Furthermore, several safety features have been integrated: in case of failure of the circulation pump, chlorine dosing and heating will shut off. Also, the pre-set temperature is continually guarded, and the water is heated if necessary. In case of a possible overheating the Aquacontrol also has several safeguards.

The shell of the Aquacontrol can easily dismantled, creating ewasy access for cleaning and/or maintenance. Because of the easy removal of the shell, the filter cartridge can easily be removed for cleaning. To reduce maintenance time to a minimum and quick swapping, we deliver a second cartridge.

For more information and documentation, please contact EWAC Medical.

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