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Butterfly bath | Hubbard Tank

Product Butterfly bath (Hubbard tank)

A butterfly bath, also known as a whirlpool bath, is a type of therapeutic bath that uses jets of water to massage the body. It is typically used to help patients with musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain, as well as to aid in the recovery from injuries or surgeries.

The butterfly bath works by creating a turbulent flow of water that massages the body and increases blood flow to the affected area. The water pressure and temperature can be adjusted to suit the patient’s needs and comfort level. The massage effect of the water jets can help to relax tight muscles and improve range of motion, which can reduce pain and inflammation.

We believe that in an optimal hydrotherapy environment the patient has total freedom of movement. We also believe that a treatment tank should be ergonomically optimized. Due to the butterfly shape and comfortable height the therapist can support and treat patients conveniently.

We supply optimally designed hubbard tanks, which meet the highest demands relating to movement space of the patient, ergonomics, hygiene and durability.


The EWAC butterfly bath is the next generation of a treatment bath, formerly known as “Hubbard Tank”. It can be used for a variety of patient categories, from small children to adults. It can be used for active rehabilitation as well as passive underwater massage treatments.

Because of the butterfly shape, patients will experience full range of motion. EWAC provides the largest collection of online articles about hydrotherapy.


EWAC Medical has been developing and realising projects for hydrotherapy for over 25 years and has successfully finished more than 1.000 projects worldwide. The first butterfly baths (formerly known as “Hubbard Tanks”) were delivered in the seventies and are still functional.

The knowledge that we have gathered through the years is continuously incorporated into our new designs.

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In-depth information

Complete freedom of movement

The EWAC Medical butterfly bath (formerly known as “Hubbard Tank”) has an especially practical and ergonomic butterfly shape. The shape and dimensions of the bath guarantee an optimal range of motion for the patient, without any obstacle. The butterfly bath is most commonly used to treat the entire body simultaneously, arms, legs and trunk. Unlike regular hydrotherapy whirlpools, the butterfly shape gives medical staff easier access to patients.

The ergonomics of the therapists are also taken into account. Only an EWAC Medical stainless steel butterfly bath can fitted with an adjustable chest support in any position around the bath. EWAC Medical also offers transfer support equipment for handling mobile and immobile patients.

The butterfly bath is very useful for patients with limited endurance, fear of water or insecurity. The temperature of the water is elevated, which influences the elasticity of the ligaments. Because of the warm water the bath can very well be used for hydrotherapy with infants.

Two models

The butterfly bath type standard is a cost effective butterfly bath shaped such that the therapist can reach the patient easily.

The butterfly bath type ergo is optimised even more for ergonomics.

Water hygiene

To guarantee optimal water quality for the patients, EWAC Medical includes an aquacontrol water treatment unit with most deliveries of butterfly baths. The aquacontrol filters the water, heats it to a designated temperature, and takes care of the water disinfection.

With an in built timer, the operational periods of the aquacontrol can be programmed.

EWAC Medical does not only supply butterfly baths (formerly known as “Hubbard Tanks”), but it also contributes actively in acquiring and dispersing knowledge about hydrotherapy. We are also actively involved in developing new underwater exercise equipment for rehabilitation purposes. On this page you will find more in-depth information about all the aspects involved in using a butterfly bath in rehabilitation.

Practical functionality

The EWAC butterfly bath is the next generation of a treatment bath, formerly known as “Hubbard Tank”. It is an ergonomically designed full immersion tank, manufactured out of stainless steel AISI 316. The butterfly bath can be equipped with a powerful underwater massage unit. The massage pump is fitted underneath the bath and the underwater jet can be controlled with a pressure regulator and manometer. The size of the nozzle of the underwater stream massage hose can be chosen out of the six different dimensions.

This underwater massage unit meets the highest demands and is therefore CE-MDD approved. The butterfly bath can also be equipped with an aquacontrol unit. The aquacontrol unit features a complete water treatment plant, consisting of a cartridge filter, heater and disinfection unit.

The bath is equipped with a tap for cold and warm water, as well as a handheld showerhead with cold en warm water taps. The bath is equipped with an overflow and drain. The bath itself stands on four adjustable legs. The butterfly bath can be equipped with several accessories, such as a headrest, hand rails, stretcher, two-steps entrance step, a cover sheet and a chest support.

The chest support is especially designed to improve the ergonomic working position of the therapist. The bath can used in combination with mobile patient lifters with a lift height of 1000 mm. Installing a ceiling lift is preferable. A ceiling lift ensures optimal use of all the accessories, and in this way EWAC Medical has created a user-friendly environment for patient and therapists.


Headrest The patient can comfortably rest their head while the rest of the body takes the most comfortable position provided by the buoyancy.
Chest support The chest support can be used to support the therapist’s torso during treatment of the patient. This chest support decreases the load on the lower back of the therapist. During the treatment the therapist can bend forward in a comfortable position for a longer period of time.
Underwater massage This unit can be used by the therapist to apply underwater massage to the patient.
Aquacontrol An Aquacontrol is a small appliance for water treatment. A small cartridge filter is used to filter the water and at the same time the water is heated and disinfected. The EWAC Medical water treatment installation meets the highest demands in the area of water safety according to WHBVZ/Vlarem and DIN 19643.


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