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Modular pool


For patients seeking relief from pain and improved joint mobility, EWAC Medical’s Modular pools are a beacon of hope. These pools, specifically designed for aquatic rehabilitation, provide a controlled and safe environment for therapeutic exercises. The water’s buoyancy directly addresses the needs of those with mobility issues or injuries, allowing for movements that alleviate joint stress and pain. Moreover, the water’s natural resistance is not just for workout intensity; it’s a gentle yet effective way to enhance joint flexibility and muscle strength. Recognizing the diverse needs of rehabilitation centers, these Modular pools are also designed for easy setup and removal, ensuring that even facilities without a permanent pool can offer this crucial therapy to their patients.

A quality investment

EWAC Medical’s Modular pools, crafted in our controlled factory setting, bring a host of benefits over traditional concrete pools. Their modular design ensures easy transport and swift on-site assembly. These pools stand out for their customization options, from shapes and sizes to features like steps and benches. Made of durable stainless steel, they’re built to last. While there’s an initial investment, the long-term savings in construction and maintenance make them cost-effective. Plus, their portability means they can be relocated if needed. With stringent quality control, these pools guarantee consistent quality and precision. In essence, EWAC Medical’s Modular pools are a modern, durable, and adaptable choice for prospective pool owners.

Product Modular Pool

We can convert any useful space into a hydrotherapy area. Our freestanding modular pool may be erected in any place. Hydrotherapy is thus made available to nursing homes, hospitals, and minor rehabilitation clinics. While the patient is performing exercises in the water, the therapist may accurately track and correct the movements via observation windows on the pool’s sides.

The modular pool can be customized with a variety of extras, including a movable swimming pool floor and an underwater treadmill.

Why stainless steel is better

In many cases, a stainless steel pool is a much better solution than a pool out of concrete or polyester. Read more.

Knowledge about Modular Pools

A modular pool is suited for treatment of individuals or small groups. The measurements of the pool make it suitable for all known methods of hydrotherapy. Our knowledge center offers a clear description of these methods in a few chapters.


EWAC Medical has been designing and building modular pools for over 25 years and has completed over 1.000 projects worldwide. We are constantly striving for development and innovation. Modular pools are custom-designed to meet the demands of the client and can be fitted in existing rooms. EWAC Medical has demonstrated that there is a solution for every problem. View our completed projects.

That is why EWAC Medical is world market leader in hydrotherapy.


Read more about the importance of water hygiene

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More information

Diverse simplicity

Overall, the modular pool is a welcome addition to physiotherapy clinics. Treatment centers with a high number of postoperative or arthritic patients, in particular, can benefit greatly from the modular pool’s many options. Because of the variety of sizes and options available, this pool provides increasing application possibilities, even in tiny clinics and practices.

Because the modular pool is totally self-contained, it may be installed in any available open location. The pool’s installation is unprecedentedly simple because to the modular idea, even in pre-existing locations.

A moveable swimming pool floor, underwater treadmill, underwater viewing windows, water current devices, and cameras are just a few of the choices available for the pool.

Advantages of an EWAC Medical Modular Pool

EWAC Medical’s Modular pools offer a plethora of advantages over traditional concrete pools:

Modular Design: These pools are crafted in distinct sections or modules within our controlled factory environment. This ensures that each module is easily transportable and can be seamlessly assembled on-site.

Quick Installation: A standout benefit of modular swimming pools is their swift installation. As the bulk of the construction occurs off-site, the on-site assembly is expedited, making it much faster than the installation of traditional pools.

Customization: The modular nature of these pools allows for a high degree of customization. They can be tailored to various shapes, sizes, and depths. Additionally, features such as built-in steps, benches, and swim-out areas can be incorporated. This ensures that each pool can be uniquely designed to meet the specific desires and requirements of the customer.

Materials: Crafted from stainless steel, these modular pools promise durability. Stainless steel is renowned for its longevity, ensuring that the pool will serve its purpose for many decades.

Cost Efficiency: While the initial investment for a modular pool might be higher due to the prefabrication process, the long-term savings are significant. The reduced construction time, coupled with substantial savings in maintenance and repair costs, makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Portability: A unique feature of EWAC Medical’s modular pools is their portability. If circumstances change, these pools can be disassembled and relocated, making them an ideal choice for those who might consider relocating in the future.

Quality Control: The controlled factory environment in which the pool components are manufactured ensures superior quality control. This results in a product with consistent dimensional accuracy and a high standard of quality.

In summary, EWAC Medical’s Modular pools are not only a modern and innovative solution but also a long-term, cost-effective, and customizable choice for those considering a swimming pool.

Every desirable size

The pool is available in standard sizes ranging from 2x3m to a maximum of 20x20m. Various shapes are possible. Many other options are available for the EWAC modular pool, such as observation windows, handrails, a counter current system, an underwater massage system, underwater lighting, stairs with a landing, an integrated water hydraulic lift with a seat, and so on. A recent advancement is the addition of an underwater treadmill to the pool. For additional information, please see our product configurator.

With skimmers or overflow rim

A modular pool can be produced in any depth necessary. Multiple depths are also possible. The modular pool can be fitted with either skimmers or an overflow rim. Injection points located in the modular pool wall are used to reinject treated water into the pool. Therefore the pool floor is entirely flush. The modular pool is equipped with a drain so that it can be emptied completely.

EWAC Medical not only provides modular pools, but also actively participates in the acquisition and dissemination of hydrotherapy knowledge. On this page, you will find more detailed information about all of the factors that must be considered when using a modular pool during rehabilitation.

The pool itself is made of stainless steel (AISI 316) panels. The smooth inner sides of the pool make cleaning the waterline easier. The bottom panels have a thick isolation layer that eliminates minor imperfections in the surface on which the pool is installed. The pool’s exterior is finished with white aluminum sandwich panels that can be decorated. The upper edge is stainless steel with rounded corners.

Overview of the possiblities (also see our product configurator):

Adjustable floor By using a movable swimming pool floor the depth of a pool can be adjusted, and with that also the load on the lower limbs and back of the patient. An adjustable depth makes it possible to create the right circumstances necessary for proper rehabilitation.
Underwater treadmill Underwater treadmill can be used to perform static walking exercises. The advantage is that the therapist can continuously watch and correct the patient’s movements from one position. This reduces the need for a large swimming pool.
Observation window Each side of the pool can be equipped with underwater windows. This provides the therapist a complete view of the actions performed by the patient.
Underwater bicycle The underwater bicycle is especially designed for exercising circular motion in water. The unique feature of the underwater bicycle is that the resistance increases progressively with the rotation speed of the pedals, which makes it extremely suitable for rehabilitation purposes.
Modular pool for pediatrics at Al Jalila Children's hospital Dubai Entrance steps with landing To make the pool more accessible it can be equipped with steps that also contain a landing. This way mobile patients can either enter the pool with assistance, or on their own. Immobile patients can make use of a patient lift.
Modular pool for pediatrics at Al Jalila Children's hospital Dubai Integrated pool lift To get patients into the pool easily, the pool can be equipped with an integrated water hydraulic pool lift.
Parallel bars Parallel bars provided with bottom plates for easy placement in any random position in the pool. The parallel bars can be used to perform walking exercises.
Aquatic Obstacle course Obstacle course For use in balancing exercises. Can be used in combination with Halliwick or the Bad Ragaz Ring method.
Underwater camera This special underwater camera enables the therapist to track the movements of the patients, and if necessary make recordings for further analysis. By comparing images from multiple sessions one can get a clear picture of the progress made by the patient.
Hand rail The handrail is located on the four inner sides of the pool. Patients can easily hold on to these handrails to stabilise themselves. The handrail can also be used to mount multiple accessories.
Counter current unit or jetstream Countercurrent unit or jetstream. A jetstream offers exercise resistance to the patient moving against the flow. A wall nozzle produces a strong water jet which is aimed at the patient, and depending of the required exercise load, can can be softened with air.
Underwater lighting, cameras Lighting is recommended to improve vision through e.g. underwater windows. The lighting can be monochrome or multi color. In addition, the pool can be equipped with an underwater camera for motion analysis.
Overflow channel An overflow channel is the best solution to maintaining an optimal water quality. Around the pool just the surface will be skimmed to remove floating particles out of the pool quickly. In countries where the highest demands on hygiene are set, overflow channels are compulsory.
Skimmers An alternative for overflow channels are skimmers. Skimmers will be built into one side of the pool, or more sides in  case of larger pools. Skimmers also skim the surface of the water and are very effective in removing floating particles.
Hydro massage Hydro massage is a very useful tool for relaxation exercises. Three or four nozzles can be built into the side of the pool and provide a powerful water stream. This water stream can optionally be softened by mixing in air.
Individual using underwater massage system Underwater massage An underwater massage system can be built in for the therapist, so that the therapist can apply an underwater massage. 
Ceiling lift A ceiling lift can be attached to the ceiling to lift patients in and out of the pool. The lift can be equipped with a special sling. The lift can be used to lift patients up to 250 kg/550 lbs.
Pool cover This cover will be produced corresponding to the measurements of the pool. The cover reduces evaporation of the water which helps to save energy.
Water treatment Depending on the size of the pool a customized (sand) filter system can be included. Built by EWAC Medical, our treatment plants meet the highest standards in the field of water according Dutch WHBVZ / Vlarem and DIN 19643.

Aquacontrol filterinstallation

To ensure optimal water quality, EWAC Medical delivers a water treatment installation. This water treatment installation is especially adapted to be used in therapy situations. This installation consists out of the following prefab components that can be easily assembled on location.

Filter unit
A cartridge filter system that features a polyester filter, manometer and a vent (for pools with smaller dimensions).
A sand filter that features a manometer, a vent and a flow back valve (for pools with larger measurements).
The capacity depends on the size of the pool.
Circulation pump
A semi self-suction pool pump equipped with a prefilter and couplings. The capacity depends on the size of the pool.
Heat exchanger
An electrical heat exchanger made out of acid-resistant stainless steel (AISI 316) with a capacity starting at 9kW. Capacity  depending on the size of the pool. The heater is standardly equipped with a maximum thermostat.Specifications: 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz, min. 9kW
Chemical dosing system
Comprising out of an automatic measure- and control panel for chlorine and pH, dosing pumps and PE containers for storage of the chemicals. The measure and control panel digitally displays the values of the free chlorine and the pH. The control panel signals the relevant dosing pump when a value deviates from the programmed value.
The dosing system is suitable for use of liquid chemicals. On request, this dispensing installation can be adapted to work with acid- and chlorine granulates as well.Note: the liquid chemicals are not delivered by EWAC Medical
Control cabinet
This cabinet controls all the functions of the filtering system and additional pool equipment. The supply voltage of all control elements is 24 V. All connected electric equipment is secured through thermal and normal fuses. The front panel contains all the switches and indicator lights: green for a normal operating function and red for fault conditions. Furthermore, all faults can be collected and forwarded to the Building control system. Possible switch functions for the equipment in the therapy pool come, through a control with the pool, back to the general control cabinet.


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