Movable Swimming Pool Floor

A movable floor lets you vary the depth of a pool, which is ideal for therapy and/or exercise.

Modular pool

A modular pool can turn any available space into an aquatic exercise and therapy room.

Underwater treadmill

An underwater treadmill that has been specifically designed for rehabilitation exercise in water.

Transfer Equipment

Transfer equipment enables you to transfer patients in and out of the hydrotherapy pool quickly and safely.

Self-Adjusting Stairs

Introducing our self-adjusting stairs, creating safe and comfortable passage in and out of the pool.

Parallel Bars

Parallel bars are suitable for support during walking exercises after surgery or support for people with a chronic handicap.

Water treatment

Water treatment keeps your pool on a certain temperature and chloride level, ensuring its comfortability and safety.

Underwater Bicycle

An underwater bicycle that has been specifically designed for rehabilitation exercises in water.

Obstacle course

The obstacle course turns the pool into an underwater gymnasium, providing coordination and balance training for the early stages of rehab.

Pooltrack Curve

Introducing our new, self-propelled underwater treadmill. A great item for circuit training, or even for aerobic group training programs.

Butterfly bath | Hubbard Tank

The shape and dimensions of the butterfly bath guarantee an optimal range of motion for the patient, without any obstacle.

Burns treatment bath

The burns treatment bath has been designed to meet the specific demands in the area of burns treatment and chronic skin problems.

Partial baths

Baths designed for different parts of the body, providing massages that will improve blood circulation in the skin.