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Aqua Pilates bath

Training the core muscles for stability and shape

Introducing the Pilates bath – the innovative product that ensures immediate and long-lasting results through two aspects: training stabilizing muscles that support the body and releasing muscle tension by influencing the brain. With the water and comfortable supporting chair the Pilates bath provides a predictable environment and feeling of security. Water compensates gravity, offers full body cushioning and 3D resistance for efficient training. The water temperature can be raised compared to pool temperature, enhancing the positive impacts. With improved blood flow to organs, tissues, and muscles, increased cardiac output, the Pilates Bath is an effective solution for athletes, individuals with musculoskeletal conditions, or those seeking relaxation therapy.

Minimal therapist involvement – full workout

How does it work? The client lies supine or prone on a comfortably shaped bench inside the bath while being submerged in the warm water and follows the instructions of a therapist or a workout video . The exercises are slow and controlled movements in the water. A set of exercises can last between 15 and 50 minutes. The session can be combined with breathing exercises or other relaxation techniques. It can be used for active rehabilitation, sports recovery as well as Pilates workout. The client can carry out the exercises at their own leisure, therefore therapist involvement is minimal.

What are the benefits?

Relaxing in warm water can be beneficial for muscles and recovery in athletes due to the water’s ability to reduce the force of gravity, offer 3D support, increase circulation, decrease swelling and inflammation, and induce metabolic processes. This is important for athletes to recover from training or injuries by the method of active recovery and improve muscle strength, power, and endurance.

Training the slow twitch muscle fibers

Slow twitch muscle fibers, also known as type I muscle fibers, are important for endurance activities and long-duration exercises. These muscle fibers have a high capacity for aerobic metabolism and can contract for long periods without fatigue.

Slow warm water exercise can be beneficial in strengthening these muscle fibers by providing a low-impact, resistance-based workout. The warm water increases blood flow to the muscles, improving oxygen delivery and waste removal, and the resistance of the water creates a challenging workout that strengthens the muscles over time. This type of exercise can also help prevent injury and promote recovery in athletes.

Client feedback

I have an anxiety disorder which causes me physical pain and tense muscles. The Pilates bath relaxes my mind and that helps a lot with overall wellbeing. The workout is very easy to follow and doesn’t put pressure on your joints. Also after a Pilates bath session I always feel like I had a nice abs workout, which is great! I recommend it to everyone!
– Aleksandra | Student –

In January 2018 I started to use the movement bath for metabolic recovery and overall physical development. Regularly I go once a week. The Pilates bath has made my body more elastic and my step longer. When I had a leg injury, I used it twice a week and the recovery was amazingly fast. The Pilates bath is life-changing for athletes and players! For overall wellness after trainings as well as for achieving the goals!
– Jorg | Long distance runner –

For years I had been suffering of lower back pain, specifically in mornings. I did not have a lot of faith, but I decided to try Pilates Bath training. The next morning something felt unusual. The back pain was gone! This happened a few years ago and the pain has been gone ever since.
– Marylin | Lawyer –


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