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World market leader in Aquatic Rehabilitation Equipment

Our high quality hydrotherapy products, installed in over a thousand hospitals and institutions globally, have contributed to reaching our market leader position in the course of the nineties. The secret to our success? EWAC Medical supports its customer projects from the initial stages up to installation and commissioning. We engineer, procure, fabricate, install and commission our products with our own, qualified employees. In addition to that EWAC Medical contributes actively in spreading and obtaining knowledge about hydrotherapy.


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40% reduction of the rehabilitation time

How can this be achieved? The answer: by applying Hydrotherapy instead of ordinary rehabilitation techniques. In most of the cases patients can start their rehabilitation process almost directly after surgery or injury thanks to hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy has proven its medical value over and over.

How our products make the difference

EWAC Medical’s products are:
– beautifully designed
– ergonomic
– user friendly
– safe

EWAC Medical designs products that add to the wellbeing of patients, keeping the concerns of the therapist in mind. Our products make the difference by contributing to a patient’s mobility and support them in becoming self-supporting. This increases their self-confidence, and helps them to achieve an upward spiral. Our products are developed and evaluated according to the strict construction rules of the European union and comply with European regulation standards (CE certificate).

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For technical trouble with our equipment outside the Netherlands, please contact your local distributor. For technical issues with regards to our equipment inside the Netherlands, please contact our service department during office hours by calling 0031 226 313 457. EWAC Medical has its own service department which can service EWAC equipment on contract basis or on directional basis. For maintenance of EWAC-equipment different contract set ups are possible.

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Quality Management System

EWAC strives for a high level of quality management, matching or even superseding the demands of the client. To assure this high level of quality management, we are regularly audited by an independent external party.

For the design and production of products of stainless steel equipment, EWAC has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to follow the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard. For the design, production, sales and maintenance of Class I Medical Equipment, EWAC has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) to follow the ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management Standard.

EWAC ISO 9001:2015 EN till 20-12-2025
EWAC ISO 13485:2016 EN till 20-12-2025