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Transfer Equipment

The EWAC Medical transfer equipment enables you to transfer clients in and out of the hydrotherapy pool safely. In designing our products, wet room use was taken into account.

To facilitate the transfer of patients to mostly rectangular or butterfly baths we offer the universal stretcher. This product in combination with a ceiling hoist, will allow you to treat any patient in our various pools and baths, particularly those who cannot sit upright. For those wo can sit upright, we have a hoist chair and for self-supporting patients self-propelled wheelchairs.

The moist environment of the hydrotherapy room requires that products meet the highest quality standards. Therefore, aal our products are made of high grade stainless steel 316L and are maintenance free. Your safety is our highest priority.

Transfer equipment EWAC Medical

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Self-propelled hoisting wheelchair

A self propelled hoisting wheelchair designed for the chloride environment of swimming pools.

Hoisting Chair

Chair equipped with lifting eyes enabling pully cords to hoist the patient in and out of the pool.

Universal stretcher

For use in butterfly and rectangular baths and pools, ensuring optimal safety for the client.

Patient lifter

Universal ceiling hoist (UCH)

Ensuring optimal safety for the client and therapist. A strong lift for patients up to 250kg.

Pool hoist

The pool hoist is specially designed for use at the edge of a pool.

Bath lifter

A bath lifter ensures that people with reduced mobility can continue to use the bath.

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