Brochure Underwater Treadmill (EN)

We believe that pool treadmills are the next step in water based rehabilitation. The ability to perform walking exercises in a fixed location in the pool helps the therapist to maintain perfect view of the underwater movements of the patient. Combined
with our movable floor system, the training depth can also be changed, enabling the therapist to create the optimal conditions for rehabilitation, based on progress and physical condition of the patient. We supply integrated underwater treadmills that meet the highest standards regarding user friendliness, adjustment range and speed stability.

Why low speeds are important
Patients suffering from the effects of neurological or spinal injury need to relearn their walking skills starting at low speed and deep submersion. Our Pooltrack® has excellent stability at speeds as low as 0.2 km/h, enabling patients to start training almost immediately after they have suffered their injury. A short time between injury and start of rehabilitation greatly improves their chances and success of recovery.

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