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Universal stretcher

These transfer tools are intended to facilitate the transfer of patients. The moist environment in hydrotherapy places other demands on the materials than conventional situations. Therefore, the products shown here are made of high grade stainless steel 316L.

Universal Stretcher

For use in butterfly- and rectangular baths and pools, in combination with a ceiling hoist. The frame of the stretcher is made of stainless steel AISI 316 and has a gray-HT fabric out of a woven polyester film with a plastic coating. The stretcher is equipped with special fixation rails for mounting a height adjustable headrest, removable footrest, two handrails and two clamp brackets with fixing strap. In this way, optimal safety for the client guaranteed. Size: 2030 x 700 x 170 mm.


High grade 316L stainless steel trolley for transporting clients on the stretcher Universal and Standard. The frame is equipped with 4 stainless steel braked castors. Height 90 cm.

Transfer equipment EWAC Medical

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