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Universal ceiling hoist (UCH)


The universal ceiling hoist is a rail mounted lifting module that is user-friendly and powerful enough to perform lifting and moving procedures in almost all professional care environments. The lifting module is easy to operate and helps to make lifting and moving procedures safe, simple and comfortable for both the user and the nursing staff.
The lifting module charges itself via the rails, regardless of where in the system the lifting module is located. This ensures that the ceiling hoist is always ready for use.

Versatile in use

This lifting module is specially designed for the working conditions typical of professional healthcare environments and is dimensioned to handle heavy loads on a regular basis. The UCH is the ideal choice for many different lifting and moving procedures, and can also be used to assist in other care tasks, mobilization exercises, training and rehabilitation programs.


Several versions of the UCH lifting module are available, and the module can be configured and adapted to individual needs with regards to functionality, specifications and budget. The UCH is available in models with a lifting capacity of 200 and 250 kg, respectively. The UCH can be equipped with a built-in motor for horizontal movement along the traverse rail, with the lifting module being operated by hand control or infrared (IR)
remote control.

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