New Project Qatar Doha

Qatar | Doha: New project – Movable swimming pool floor with two treadmills

Revolutionizing rehabilitation with EWAC Medical hydrotherapy solutions at Military Medical City, Qatar

Hydrotherapy’s transformative power

EWAC Medical is driven by the transformative potential of hydrotherapy in rehabilitation and wellness. We’re thrilled to highlight a landmark project at Military Medical City (MMC) in West-Doha, Qatar. This collaboration underscores our global commitment to hydrotherapy innovation.

A comprehensive healthcare hub

MMC stands as a comprehensive center for health, serving military personnel, their families, and civilians. It offers advanced diagnostic and treatment services across various medical fields. EWAC Medical’s project aims to elevate MMC’s rehabilitation offerings.

Innovative hydrotherapy installation

We’ve introduced a movable swimming pool floor with two integrated treadmills to MMC. This significant advancement showcases our dedication to exploring cutting-edge hydrotherapy solutions. It’s a blend of technological innovation and a deep understanding of therapeutic needs.

Tailored therapeutic solutions

The movable floor system offers flexibility for diverse rehabilitation and fitness needs. It supports precise, patient-specific treatments, from injury recovery to low-impact exercises. Integrated treadmills provide additional benefits for strength and endurance training.

A collaborative effort

Our successful project at MMC was made possible through collaboration, notably with Mazaya Medical Trading in Qatar. We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to MMC’s innovative healthcare solutions and anticipate the positive impact on those they serve.

Leading therapeutic innovation

This Qatar project exemplifies EWAC Medical’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional therapy. We’re excited about hydrotherapy’s future and its role in enhancing quality of life worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on our aquatic therapy advancements.

Acknowledging our partners

Our gratitude extends to our partners Mazaya Medical Trading in Qatar for their collaboration and trust. Together we will accelerate the accessibility of hydrotherapy to as many people as possible.