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Self-Adjusting Stairs


Self-adjusting stairs in a swimming pool with a movable floor are needed to provide safe and easy access to the pool for people of all abilities. A movable floor allows the depth of the pool to be adjusted to accommodate different activities and skill levels. With a movable floor, the pool can be shallow for children and people with mobility issues, and deep for more advanced swimmers.

However, when the pool floor is adjusted, the height of the pool’s edge changes as well. In this case, traditional fixed stairs may not align with the pool’s edge, making it difficult or impossible for some people to enter or exit the pool safely. Self-adjusting stairs, on the other hand, can automatically adjust to the changing pool floor, allowing people of all abilities to enter and exit the pool safely and easily.

Self-adjusting stairs can be raised or lowered as the pool floor is adjusted, ensuring that the stairs always align with the pool’s edge. This feature allows people with mobility issues, such as those in wheelchairs, to easily enter and exit the pool. It also allows for safer use of the pool for children, elderly and people with disabilities.

Our self-adjusting stairs

EWAC Medical introduces the self-adjusting stairs. These stairs can be integrated in any of our movable floors, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe passage in and out of the pool.

Our simple but innovative design ensures an upright position of every step in any stair orientation. The holes in the design of the step causes grip and therefore safety. Safety is of the outmost importance and should not be disregarded during transfer in and out of the pool. Therefore, also take a look at our transfer aids for patients that are not well on their feet.

For more information and documentation about our self-adjusting stairs or our other products, please contact EWAC Medical.





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