Jung (2018) The influence of water depth on kinematic and spatiotemporal gait parameters during aquatic treadmill walking

Summary: Aquatic Treadmill Walking at Different Water Depths

The Impact of Water Depth on Gait Dynamics The study by Jung et al. explored how varying water depths influence gait parameters during aquatic treadmill walking. The research involved 15 healthy participants who underwent treadmill walking trials at waist, chest, and neck depth. The primary focus was on stride length, cadence, and joint kinematics like hip extension and ankle plantar flexion. Notably, the study found significant variations in these gait parameters across different water levels.

Findings and Observations As water depth increased, participants displayed longer stride lengths and decreased cadence. Specifically, stride length extended by about 9% from waist to neck depth, and cadence reduced by 8% in the same transition. Ankle Range of Motion (ROM) showed a marked increase, while hip ROM decreased with rising water depth. Interestingly, no notable differences were observed between waist and chest levels in any of the measured variables.

Kinematic Changes and Hydrodynamic Effects The study’s results underscored the influence of hydrodynamics, like buoyancy and drag force, on gait patterns during aquatic treadmill walking. As the water depth increased, buoyancy supported more body weight, thereby affecting the gait dynamics. For instance, increased buoyancy at neck level enhanced dynamic balance, allowing for longer strides. The drag force and water resistance seemed to push the ankle joints into further plantar flexion, leading to increased ankle ROM.

Clinical Implications These findings suggest that professionals in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation should consider the impact of water depth when planning exercise and gait training programs, especially for older adults. The study highlights the importance of selecting appropriate pool depths to optimize gait parameters and overall movement efficiency during aquatic exercises.

Keyphrase: Aquatic Treadmill Walking Gait Dynamics

Keywords: aquatic treadmill walking, water depth, gait parameters, stride length, cadence, joint kinematics, hydrodynamics, rehabilitation


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