Brochure Exercise-, play- and floatmaterials (EN)

Floaters are a welcome enrichment for Aquatic therapy sessions. For almost every method in Aquatic therapy but also for patient handling, floaters are helpful to create the proper conditions or a playful atmosphere.

EWAC Medical offers three different floater sets, each with its own properties. Choose your own set of floaters or whichever set suits your needs most. This enables you to severely enhance the possibilities in the pool for you and for your patient.

Floater-set Basic
The basic necessities for your everyday sessions. The Basic Floater-set enables you to set up almost every basic aquatic therapy session in the water. With 18 different items, many varieties of therapy are possible. Find novel ways to use and apply the items with the included instruction cards.

Floater-set Active
This set is designed in such a way that you can create more active Aquatic therapy session. From individual exercises to complete training courses, the Active set provides the right tools. With no less than 31 items, the Active-set will support you in taking your Aquatic Therapy sessions to the next level.

Floater-set Ultimate
A more luxurious set where the Basic and Active sets are combined with some of larger items and storage options. This enables you to give complete courses for individuals or even for larger groups.

The active floater set is also used in the hydrotherapy workshops. Read more about hydrotherapy workshops. Get more out of your swim lessons or training by investing in durable exercise- play- and float materials.

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