Brochure Water treatment (EN)

What is an Aquacontrol?

The Aquacontrol is a compact filtration unit that can be used with the models 4 and 5 of the butterfly bath and the rectangular bath. The Aquacontrol filters the water, heats it up to a pre-selected water temperature and controls the disinfection of the water. The Aquacontrol has an automatic timer, to start and stop the program automatically.

If the bath is constantly in use, or if a constant chlorine level is required in the bath then an automatic dosing and monitoring unit to control the chlorine level can also be supplied as an extra option. The pH level also appears on the display, but is not automatically corrected. This optional control unit keeps the free chlorine automatically at the correct pre-selected level. This guarantees optimal disinfection of the water in the bath.

Brochure Water treatment

Brochure drop-in onderwaterloopband