Langschmidt (2013) Hydrotherapy in burn care – A survey of hydrotherapy practices in the UK and Ireland and literature review

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Introduction: Hydrotherapy is widely used in burns management however there are risks associated with its use, in particular cross-infection. Data regarding indications and techniques in common use is deficient. This study aimed to investigate hydrotherapy practices in the UK and Ireland.
Methods: A survey of the hydrotherapy practice of major burn care providers was performed by e mail and where necessary, follow up telephone contact.
Results: The survey included 28 burn care providers. 27 reported using hydrotherapy. Only 11 (41%) had defined indication criteria with 4 (15%) implementing a specific protocol. Variations in hydrotherapy practice were seen.
Conclusion: Hydrotherapy is used nationwide, however considerable variation in practice exists. One area worthy of further consideration is the need for appropriate standards of infection control.

Keywords: Hydrotherapy, Burns wounds, Pseudomonas, Review, Survey, Cross infection, Wound cleansing

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