Podcast Aquatic therapy: Early activity and mobilization for ICU patients

Latest podcast Aquatics: Early activity and mobilization for ICU patients

Last week the Podcast channel Aquatics, organised by Eugenia Hernández, came out with a new podcast in her series about Aquatic Therapy. This podcast is about how Intensive Care Unit Acquired Weakness can be mitigated by early activity and progressive mobilization. Aquatic therapy enables patients to work on their recovery in a very early stage.

Eugenia Hernández interviews Roel van Oorsouw (physio therapist at Radboud UMC), Johan Lambeck (IATF Senior Lecturer) and Eric Legdeur (CEO of EWAC Medical) about the value of Aquatic Therapy in a rehabilitation pool with movable floor right next to the Radboud UMC ICU.

Additional background information about this podcast, featuring link to a video about early Aquatic Therapy in post ICU patients

Checklist for Aquatic Therapy with vulnerable ICU patients

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