Aquatic Physiotherapy – Australian Guidelines (2015) for aquatic physiotherapists working in and/or managing hydrotherapy pools

This document is the second edition of the “Guidelines for Physiotherapists working in and/or managing Hydrotherapy Pools”, first published in 2002. It is designed to provide information to
physiotherapists and other aquatic professionals managing or working in hydrotherapy pools. The material is to serve as a guide to ensure that safety and professional standards are maintained and that water is used as an effective therapy and exercise medium. The aim of the Guidelines is to continually improve the quality of care offered to the public.

Recognition has been given to differing opinions on the therapeutic use of water. It is recognized that individual physiotherapists will work as sole practitioners in community pools and that
physiotherapists will be involved in the management of hydrotherapy pools in the community, in private practice and in institutions. In many situations other professionals will work in the water or manage the facility used by the physiotherapist.

Hydrotherapy pool managers owe a duty of care to the service providers who use their facilities and to consider Federal, State and Council regulations. They have a duty to provide a facility that meets criteria in safety and design, and infection control and cleanliness.

The Guidelines are designed to give the physiotherapist and the manager guidance as to what constitutes acceptable standards regarding safety, infection control and credentials needed by people
using or managing hydrotherapy pools.

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