Gamper (2009) Comparison of two different Aquatic Physical Therapy Interventions in Patients with Knee- and Hip Arthroplasty: A randomised controlled trial

– In the early phase after joint replacement, exercise for ROM and force is recommended in Switserland (Overberg 2007)
– Fluid mechanical properties are advanced: Buoyancy – Viscosity – Hydrostatic pressure – Drag (Harrison 1992; Tidhar 2007; Becker 2004)
– We don’t know which exercise is useful! after joint replacement in lower extremities (Ehrler 2001; Guiaqinto 2007, 2010)
– Several recommendations included aquatic physical therapy after knee and hip arthroplasty
– There is no difference between land- and water based rehabilitation in the early phase after total knee replacement (Harmer 2009)

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