Gomes 2009 elderly balance fall prevention Portuguese

Aging is understood as a set of structural and functional changes unfavorable bodythat happen slowly and gradually with the advanced age and these tend to have anActuarial balance, and thereby increasing the chance of falls. The present studyaimed to evaluate the effects of hydrotherapy in improving balance in older peopleand thus prevent falls. The study included 11 subjects, 10 females and 1 male,registered in Nirmatele and Água Vermelha Family Health Programs, settled inFormiga – MG. These were assessed before and after treatment by Balance ScaleBerg. The intervention consisted of 12 individual sessions, with an average of 50minutes each, twice a week as pre-established protocol. Data were analyzed using ttest, with significance level p <0.05, since the normality of the variables wereanalyzed by the Kolmogorov Smirnov. The results showed a significant increase (p =0.00023) Scale score on the Berg Balance, where Berg had before averaging 47.36and Berg after averaging 51.63. Thus, indicating an improvement of the balance ofthe aged. Therefore we can conclude this study that hydrotherapy is favorable inimproving balance in older people, can contribute to prevention of falls in thepopulation studied.Key Words: Hydrotherapy. Balance. Old people. Falls.

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