Honda (2012) Curative and health enhancement effects of aquatic exercise: evidence based on interventional studies

Background: The purpose of this study was to report on the health benefits and curative effects of aquatic exercise.

Methods: We adopted the results of high-grade study designs (ie, randomized controlled trials and nonrandomized controlled trials), for which there were many studies on aquatic exercise.
Aquatic exercise, in this study, means walking in all directions, stretching, and various exercises and conditioning performed with the feet grounded on the floor of a swimming pool. We excluded swimming. We decided to treat aquatic exercise, underwater exercise, hydrotherapy, and pool exercise as all having the same meaning.

Results: Aquatic exercise had significant effects on pain relief and related outcome measurements for locomotor diseases.

Conclusion: Patients may become more active, and improve their quality of life, as a result of aquatic exercise.

Keywords: aquatic exercise, health enhancement, evidence

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