Lochaitis (1992) Hydrotherapy (bath therapy) as a treatment option for burns

Summary: Evaluating Hydrotherapy as a Treatment for Burns

Keyphrase: “Hydrotherapy as a treament for burns”


Hydrotherapy, encompassing both immersion in a tub and showers with warm water, is a critical treatment option in burn care. This study, conducted over two years with 200 patients, aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of hydrotherapy in treating burns and improving patient outcomes, focusing on its advantages and limitations compared to other methods​​.

Methodology and Patient Care

Hydrotherapy treatment started on days 3-5 post-burn, once patients overcame initial shock and stabilized. The treatment involved warm water immersion in a stainless steel tub or showers using ordinary water. Each facility was equipped with sterilization mechanisms to minimize cross-infection risks. The therapy was facilitated by a team of healthcare professionals, including physicians and nurses, emphasizing individual patient care​​.

Treatment Benefits

The benefits of hydrotherapy in burn treatment are multifaceted. It aids in desloughing, cleaning the wound surface, and draining pus. Furthermore, it alters microbial flora, enhances healthy tissue formation, and aids healing. Hydrotherapy also facilitates physical therapy and offers comfort and psychological upliftment to patients. In some cases, analgesia or mild sedation was administered based on the patient’s condition and the procedure’s requirements​​.

Discussion and Conclusion

Hydrotherapy for burn treatment, while widely used and advocated by many, has its critics. However, the study suggests that its benefits in improving wound care, enhancing the healing process, and providing comfort to the patient far outweigh its shortcomings. The research team, in line with leading burn care experts, supports the use of hydrotherapy as an essential component of burn treatment, offering multiple advantages in patient care and recovery​​.

Keyphrase: Hydrotherapy as a treament for burns

Keywords: Hydrotherapy, Burn Care, Wound Healing, Patient Comfort, Burn Treatment


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