Naser (2013) Variable Floor for Swimming Pool Using an Expert System


The indoor variable floor for swimming pool gives many possibilities of usages in the area where exists, for example, swimming pool, welcoming room, and sport hall.

Therefore, we came to the idea of using the indoor variable floor for swimming pool due the shortages of open areas in Gaza Strip. The heating of the water in this pool when it is closed saves a lot of energy and time. During the winter season, people do not go the sea; but the can go to indoor swimming pools. The indoor variable floor for swimming pools can be built in schools for teaching the swimming courses for all ages of students. Since the depth of the water can be controlled, all students with different ages and classes can use the pool with high safety. To insure that, we designed an expert system to determine the height of the water in the pool according to some factors like: age, type usage, and time of the day. In the outdoor variable floor for swimming pool, it can be closed easily when it is not used to keep it clean and avoid falling kids in it.

Keywords: Expert system, movable floor, pool, variable pool, swimming pool.

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