Navarro (2011) A importancia da hidrocinesioterapia na paralisia cerebral relato de caso

The term cerebral palsy is defined as a movement and position clutter due to a lesion in immature brain. It is not a gradual pa­thology and provokes changeable weakness in the coordina­tion of muscular action, with resultant incapacity in keeping positions and carrying out normal movements, being that the gravity of the alterations depends on the extension and loca­lization of the lesion. The goal of this study was to verify the importance of the hydro kinesiotherapy in the treatment of the cerebral palsy for the maintenance and/or improvement of the clinical status. Then, a patient who presented spastic te­tra paresis and ataxia was evaluated and received attendance in hydrotherapy sector during 2006 in Physiotherapy Clinic of UNINGÁ. This treatment emphasized the improvement and/or maintenance of his functionality. It was verified that the aquatic therapy is very efficient for the muscular relaxation, reduction of muscular contraction and spasticity, improves the respiratory muscles, improves the balance and the ampli­tude of movement, and the physical principles of the water are helpful in the treatment process.

Keywords. Cerebral Palsy, Muscle Spasticity, Hydrotherapy

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