Schlunz (2002) Comparison effectiveness of rehabilitative training in water in patients with chronic back pain (German)

Cause of the rising costs for the treatment of chronically low back pain, the development of evidence based and standardised therapeutically strategies is in the focus. The focus is now days on high quality in preventive and rehabilitee strategies. Until now there are not many studies available about the physical effects of therapeutically measures of training who qualify the influence of the medium water concering conditional and coordinative parameters in an objective way.
The existing study follows that for the questioning if and how for active forms of training in water influence the maximal strengths and the neuromuscular function of the trunk muscles, as well as reducing the low back pain. As competition of the therapeutically treatment spectrum in the active rehabilitation of
chronically back pain were proven new aqua training devices for strengthening of the trunk muscles.

80 female subjects aged from 25 to 45 years with low back pain were randomized into a control group or one of the following training groups: aqua jogging, aqua gymnastics, aqua machine and gymnastics on land. The four training groups took part in a muscle strengthening program two times a week over 6 weeks. The control group did not receive any alternative physiotherapeutic treatment. All groups were tested at the beginning, after 6 weeks and 4 month later.

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