Szucs (2007) Application of Halliwick Method on Patients with Central Nervous System Disability with Examination of Functional Balance, Independence and Postural Assessment Scale


The primary goal of the therapy described in this article is the improvement of abilities related to self sufficiency in patients with central nervous system damage. Self sufficiency is based on the ability to perform functions that are impossible without balance and postural control.

Water was chosen as the medium of rehabilitation. Its various effects on the body can create such opportunities that cannot be taken advantage of on land, in the absence of the medium. Additionally, during the adaptation to the new environment, due to motor learning, open skills may develop.

The subject of my article is the assessment of the applicability and effectiveness of the Halliwick concept in patients with central nervous system damage, by keeping track of trunk control, reflected by balance and function.

Keywords: Halliwick Concept, CNS damage, Aquatic therapy, Balance, Self-sufficiency, Postural control

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