Aqua Health 2020

Aqua Health 2020
(This congress has been postponed to a later date due to the current situation in China. Watch our website for updates)

Physical, aquatic and occupational therapists will come together next year in Beijing to share the latest research supporting the therapeutic benefits of water.

Aqua Health was planned in 2020 in Beijing on May 8 – 10, as Aqua Health’s first symposium in China.

The event gives therapists a platform to discuss plenty of new scientific findings supporting the use of aquatic therapy in rehabilitative medicine.
After successful turnouts in other countries, organizers decided to bring the conference to Asia where therapists and patients are increasingly exploring the benefits of water.

The conference also wants to honor existing knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in which “knowing in action” is a strong pillar. Included in TCM are various interventions: movement, herbal remedies, acupuncture, and dietary all working in harmony to improve the body’s vital energy and improve function.  Examples of how aquatic therapy aligns with TCM will also be included in the conference topics.

Why should you attend Aqua Health 2020?

  • To be part of the profession’s largest international aquatic therapy conference – where the world of aquatic professionals meet;
  • Learn from world leaders and experts in their field as they share the latest aquatic outcomes;
  • Listen to global perspectives on the profession’s current topics–reflecting low, middle and high resource experiences;
  • Discover new ways of thinking and the latest research to inform how you practice;
  • Networking
  • Present your expertise in aquatic therapy in the framework of Aquatic Mastery.


  • Aquatic Therapy in adult neurology, pediatrics, musculoskeletal diseases
  • Aquatic Therapy in sports rehabilitation
  • Aquatic Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Aquatic Exercise in a healthy lifestyle
  • Medical Pool Management
  • Aquatic Research and Education

We welcome you as a participant at Aqua Health China. This conference will be facilitated by IATA-China and sponsored by EWAC Medical.

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