ICEBAT 28 feb 2021 - neurophysiology of persistent pain

ICEBAT Webinar 28 february – Aquatic Therapy – neurophysiology of persistent pain

On February 28, ICEBAT will broadcast the third edition of their online webinar, entitled “Aquatic Therapy – neurophysiology of persistent pain”

Presenters: Oliver Krouwel MSc, University of Brighton, United Kingdom and Ben Waller PhD, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland

AIM: We intend to translate recent advances in pain science into a patient centred evidence-based approach in the aquatic environment. The webinar will be beneficial for all clinicians working with people who are in pain as well as clinicians looking for new ideas on how to structure their aquatic therapy treatments. Discussions will not only be focused towards managing people with long term chronic (persistent) pain but also provide advice and suggestions on general management for acute injuries and how to identify risk factors early that could lead to them becoming chronic.

DESCRIPTION: Pain is a strong motivator for people to seek help. The primary aim of a clinician is to improve patient outcomes with decreasing pain often the main desired outcome.

More information: ICEBAT web page