Importance of Aquatic Therapy

Eric Legdeur, president of EWAC Medical how aquatic therapy can help your patients. He would like to explain to what’s the importance of aquatic therapy.

Aquatic therapy goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years in human history. Water has been used historically to relax the muscles and ease the pain of our hard-working bodies, alleviating painful joints, backache and sore muscles.

Beneficial effects of aquatic therapy

Throughout the years, we know that aquatic therapy has more beneficial effects than relaxing muscles and easing pains. We have also more scientific evidence to prove these benefits (go to our knowledge base to download free scientific articles).
Aquatic Therapy can be beneficial for a variety of individuals with musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, CP and many more

The biggest benefits of therapy in water is the body weight reduction through the buoyancy of the water, this helps increase joint flexibility, the increase of muscle strength, decrease of pain and improves balance.

Aquatic therapy can go beyond regular physical therapy

Land-based physical therapy cannot give those benefits. Therefore aquatic therapy is essential within physical therapy.

Translating scientific results in product improvements

At EWAC Medical we believe in creating products that assist to offer state of the art aquatic therapy for patients using our pools. We study new scientific reports as they come available, and try to translate the results in product improvements and the developments of new products. We are aiming at creating the optimal environment for patients to feel safe end recover in a fun an relaxing manner.

“Aquatic therapy is still in its infancy stage and has to grow to become a more and more accepted modus of rehabilitation”

We also believe in spreading the word about this wonderful way of rehabilitation. In our opinion, aquatic therapy is still in its infancy stage and has to grow to become a more and more accepted modus of rehabilitation. This is why you can meet us at any important conference aimed at the development of hydrotherapy in the world. We support the development of science of aquatic therapy, as well as new products and new modalities of the therapy. We believe there is a huge potential and together with hydrotherapy enthusiasts around the world, we will make it happen.

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