The Bad Ragaz Ring Method (Gamper & Lambeck 2010)

This document was published as chapter 4 in Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy 3rd edition (2010) edited by Bruce E. Becker and Andrew J. Cole.

The book contains 22 chapters, including those on:
– The Halliwick Concept by Johan Lambeck and Urs N. Gamper
– Clinical Ai Chi by Anne Bommer and Johan Lambeck

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Find out more about EWAC Medical products that can be used in the Bad Ragaz Ring Method:​

Exercise- play and float materials
Exercise- play and float materials

Movable swimming pool floor

Underwater treadmill running
Underwater treadmill in movable floor

Modular pool with underwater treadmill

Pooltrack Curve in Aquatic Cardiovascular Training
Pooltrack Curve

Underwater bicycle in knee deep water with model
Underwater bicyle