Brochure liftsysteem drop-in onderwaterloopband

We believe that the Lifting system for drop-in treadmill is the next step in active rehabilitation. Combining the Lifting system with a drop-in treadmill makes it possible to change the amount of weight bearing during the exercises. This Lifting system for a Drop-in treadmill conforms to the highest norms with regards to safety, user friendliness and operation

The lifting system for the drop-in treadmill offer an enormous expansion of the treatment possibilities for the therapist. By
adjusting the depth of the drop-in treadmill, the exercise can be adjusted to the capabilities of the client. The lifting system for the drop-in treadmill can be used for rehabilitation, sports exercise or to combat obesity. The lifting system is equipped with a touch screen panel for easy adjustment of the depth.

Underwater treadmill lifting system

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