The amount of publications about hydrotherpy have increased dramatically over the past decade. However, there are still many manuscripts which are not available for professionals within the hydrotherapeutic industry. Reasons are:

  • Publication in magazines which are not archived in PubMed
  • Manuscripts are kept as presentations or posters and used during events and are not submitted for use in magazines
  • Manuscripts from bachelor or PhD thesis are often not re-written in a publicabel manuscripts
EWAC has taken the initiative, in collaboration with Aquaevidence network from the Catholic University Leuven, to offer hydrotherapy professionals the opportunity to publish their work without the tedious reviewing procedures.
Steps of the process:
The author submits his manuscript to the EWAC Medical Hydrotherpy advisory board (Johan Lambeck). The commission will screen the manuscript on the next points:
  • Does the topic of the manuscript relate to Hydrotherapy?
  • Does the manuscript contain advertisements
  • Are there ethical and morally conflicting interests portrayed in the manuscript?
The manuscript:
  • May be in any language, as long as it contains an English abstract
  • May not be larger in size than 500kb for a Word document or 1 Mb in PDF format
  • Must contain the email address of the author
  • Will be assigned keywords by the commission, for example: : Lambeck_Daly_2010_fibromyalgia_quality-of-life_Dutch


There is no payment required for the publication and there will be no remuneration granted by EWAC.