aquatic therapy our meaningful mission

Aquatic Therapy: Our Meaningful Mission

The most gratifying aspect of our job at EWAC Medical is that we positively affect the lives of many people all over the world. Our mission is the advancement of recovery and autonomy. We do this by developing and designing beautiful and state of the art systems for water-based rehabilitation. And we do not stop there.

We basically take care of the entire process, from consulting the client based on the initial ideas, up to the actual implementation and training of the staff that will be in the water with the patients.

Especially this training that is crucial. Because what is the use of having this great equipment but no staff trained to use it? This is why we offer courses on various levels, that can be tailored to the local patient population.

“We are here to improve the quality of peoples lives”

One of these training events we attended in Thailand this year inspired us personally and our company as a whole. Because just imagine, how many lives will be affected if we just train 20 to 30 people? They will work as a therapist, and probably treat a few hundred people a year. Let’s say 400, keeping it modest. Then in about 10 years, 4,000 lives have been positively affected by what we do!

One of our clients, Pok Oi Hospital in Hong Kong, treats about 1,000 patients per month in our modular pool, which results in a mind-blowing 1,2 million treatments over 10 years.

This is how we impact people’s lives and this motivates our team day and night to offer the best aquatic therapy equipment current technology has to offer. And most importantly, whenever there are people in the pool, you see smiling faces, hearing them giggle. There are not many other places in hospitals where recovering means having fun.