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Post ventilation treatment at UMC St. Radboud Nijmegen

The Radboud UMC Center of Expertise for Weaning from Ventilation is a unique specialized department for diagnostics and treatment of difficult withdrawal. Sometimes the patient becomes uncomfortable due to the reduction in ventilation support, which manifests itself in shortness of breath, agitation or other complaints. In which case it is a ‘difficult withdrawal’. Unique in the possibilities during rehabilitation is the therapy pool and especially the way in which it is used. A number of times per week there can be trained in the pool under the guidance of a physiotherapist and a nurse. The advantage of this way of exercise is that you experience less body weight. Any fear of falling will also disappear. The warm water makes relaxing a lot easier, so that less pain is experienced. In addition, tension decreases and the pressure of the water ensures that excess extracellular fluid (for example in the case of edema) disappears. Thanks to the therapy pool, the recovery process can be started at an early stage.

Below you will find references to various LinkedIn posts from the RadboudUMC about the innovative and unique way in which they use hydrotherapy in the recovery process of patients who have come off ventilation.

Post #1: Radboud Center of expertise for weaning off Mechanical Ventilation

During the crisis, Radboudumc Center of expertise for weaning off Mechanical Ventilation functioned as an #ICU. Now we are open again and can apply our specific knowledge and experience for all patients again. Also we reopened our specialised exercise pool for those who are still too weak to practice on dry land. It’s nice to be able to contribute to good care for these patients!

Post #2: Radboud Center of expertise for weaning off Mechanical Ventilation

Also on our specialized #ICU for weaning off Mechanical Ventilation has been converted during the past few months to be able to accommodate  weaning patients in the ventilation crisis. What a big change in our usual way of caring for patients and families with a big impact on all the professionals involved…

Our colleagues Marcel Rekers and Bart Ramakers have published a series of photos of professionals and an interview about this period in the current #venticare magazine for acute care.

Fortunately, our specialist ICU was able to return to “normal”. Open for patients who have difficulty to get off of mechanical ventilation. Also we have been able to support several patients from other hospitals with advice, analyses or treatment. The past period has been mainly about post ventilated patients. It is great that we can also contribute to their care at this stage. Even our exercise pool for severely weakened patients on life support could be reopened recently…

Post #3: Radboud Center of expertise for weaning off Mechanical Ventilation

We show you how we apply Aquatic Therapy for our #ICU patients. Especially for patients of Radboudumc Center of expertise for weaning off Mechanical Ventilation, this is often an important and positive part of the therapy.