Recap: Keep your pool safe and Healthy

As we have mentioned in our previous post, titled “Keep your pool safe and Healthy”, more detailed information has become available form a larger number reliable sources, so we felt the need to update you on the latest developments with regards to hygienic pool safety.

We emphasize again that our policies and procedures are aligned with the guidelines provided by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the World Health Organisation.

Taking into account that the safety and health of the therapists and patients is our first priority, we find it extremely important to stress the importance of pool hygiene in times of the corona pandemic CoVid-19. It is safe to say that if your pool is equipped with an EWAC Medical water treatment system, and if this system is well maintained and Chlorine levels as well as pH are measured and checked on a daily basis using the right equipment, this will prevent any bacteria or virus outbreak in the pool water. When you are in doubt, please contact our service department. We are happy to help.

Our valued partner IATF has come up with a very well articulated CoVid-19 statement, where they emphasize the importance of good water hygiene in pools for aquatic therapy. This is a very important statement, especially in connection with a great number of ex-ICU or ex-mechanically ventilated patients that need to be rehabilitated.

Aquatic therapy as a mode of rehabilitation for these patients comes into view and at EWAC Medical we are considering how we can contribute to this development:

“Patients recovering from a COVID-19 infection may show a wide array of
complications requiring a rehabilitation pathway which may include aquatic therapy.”
(British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine. Rehabilitation in the wake of COVID-19 Aphoenix from the ashes.)

Please read the full statement from the IATF here.

EWAC Medical wishes you and your families to remain healthy and safe!

Warm regards,

The EWAC Medical team