Slip test on EWAC Medical Movable floor tile March 2021

Slip safety EWAC Medical Movable floor reconfirmed

Edited by:

drs. Ing. Eric Legdeur Msc, Owner-Manager EWAC BV

Swimming pools are notorious for slippery surfaces, mostly because there is so much water around. For this reason, special care has to be taken for the slip safety of the area directly around the (deck area), when it comes to choosing the tiling. Wet swimmers, getting out of the pool, dripping with water, will certainly contribute to making the floor slippery.

But what about the movable floor itself? As the floor is continually under water, would it be reasonable to expect that it’s surface is non-slip? As it turns out, the surface of the movable floor has to adhere to the same regulations as the surrounding area. Therefore it is good to know that the top surface of the EWAC Medical movable floor is slip safe has been verified to meet the highest possible slip safety.

At EWAC Medical we care a lot about the (slip) safety of the users of our Movable floors. The last verification of the slip safety was in 2009. Because of the changes in testing methods in the new edition of the EN 13457-1, Annex E norms, we have decided to renew our certification.

The result is very convincing, in that our Movable Floor surface tile has the highest class of slip safety possible, in this case Class C according to EN 13451-1 Annex E.

Find the certificate here