Sponsorship of the VFBV Lustrum Year Congress 2024 on May 8th

We’re proud to announce our sponsorship of the VFBV Lustrum Year Congress 2024 on May 8th!

The Association of Physiotherapists in Professional Football (VFBV) is an active association that focuses on the interests and increase of knowledge for all physiotherapists working in professional football in the Netherlands.

Our managing director will be representing us at this prestigious event, where we’ll share insights and innovations in aquatic therapy.

Our underwater treadmills have supported the rehabilitation journeys of top athletes, aiding in recovery from injuries like ACL tears. These solutions have been integral for many, including renowned sports figures in their journey back to peak performance.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we look forward to connecting with you at the VFBV Lustrum Year Congress 2024.
Register for this conference: https://excelcs.nl/event/vfbv-vfbv-lustrumcongres-2024/#inschrijven

VFBV Lustrum Year Congress 2024

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