AMTA Course Certification Water Specific Therapy Mexico

AMTA Course Certification Water Specific Therapy (Mexico)

From Friday August 19 until Tuesday August 23 in 2022, AMTA will organize an international course for the certification of professionals in the field of Water Specific training, or Aquatic Therapy.

  • Water Specific Therapy (WST) covers the entire C1F spectrum, including one of the most important topics in rehabilitation: fall prevention.
  • It is an aquatic therapy with elements of the swimming method of the Halliwick 10-point program. Halliwick is used as pre-training for exercises that utilize the fluid mechanical properties of water. Halliwick’s ten points.
  • The choice of WST (exercises and activities) is the result of a clinical reasoning process in which, partly based on external evidence, aquatic therapy is chosen as the best intervention for a particular patient with (mostly) a specific neuromusculoskeletal problem.
  • When the intervention requires patient activity and the goals are at the level of ICF function: WST has been shown to have clinically relevant results in neurological patients.

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