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Stationary Whirlpool

The stationary whirlpool is utilised in combination with the pulsaerator, jet pipe holder and height adjustable chair. The mobile whirlpool has a built in water pump and is especially useful for treatment of lower arms, ankles and feet. This whirlpool is height adjustable and can be used with a normal chair.

Both whirlpools are used to improve the blood circulation in the extremities. The temperature of the water is kept thermo neutral, to avoid unwanted temperature effects. The whirling water induces a mechanical stimulus on the skin of the patient which leads to dilatation of the blood vessels and therefore an increase in circulation. By changing the water pressure, mechanical effects are regulated.

Experiments have shown that a whirlpool bath can be very well indicated for patients with sympathic relefex dystrophy (Südeck’s disease, or complex regional pain syndrome) as a way to regulate skin stimuli or normalisation of the regional blood circulation. Both whirlpool baths are fabricated out of stainless steel 316L and have an ergonomically shaped round upper rim.

The mobile whirlpool has four castor wheels and can be wheeled to the patient if necessary. It is equipped with a powerful pump to introduce a strong whirling motion in the water.

The stationary whirlpool bath can be supplied with a jet pipe holder. The jet pipe holder is mounted on the wall. The water jet of the pulsaerator can point in any direction. The jet pipe holder is height adjustable and therefore the water jet can be aimed correctly at the treated body part. Now therapist nor patient have to hold the nozzle during the treatment. By aiming the jet sideways, a whirling effect can be created.

The stationary whirlpool bath with pulsaerator and jet pipe holder, are the right combination for under water massage treatments.

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