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The pulsaerator has been designed for applying underwater massage. Because of the adjustable massage nozzle, the adjustable pressure and mixing of air, the depth and the intensity of the massage can be set.

The pulserator is suitable in combination with whirlpool baths, butterfly baths and other types of medicinal baths.

The Pulsaerator is a mobile device for applying underwater massage in a whirlpool, butterfly bath or swimming pools with an elevated side. The pulsaerator is equipped with a powerfull pump and pressure regulator. The waterjet pressure can be read on a pressure guage. The pulsaerator is also equipped with an air mixing system, mixing air into the water flow. This reduces the impulse of the water on the body. The amount of air can be adjusted.

The warm water surrounding the patient in itself causes immense relief and relaxation. The water jet penetrates the soft tissue without causing a painful sensation, even at a pressure of 1,5 bar. The hydrostatic effects on the blood and lymphatic system support the drainage of fluids an metabolids, mobilised by the under water massage. The pressure of the water jet can be adjusted and therefore the patient will not feel uncomfortable. An uncomfortable feeling would elevate muscle tension, which would hamper the deep effect of the massage. In many cases a distance of about 10 cm will suffice at a pressure of maximally 2 bar.

The device can be supplied in a 3 x 42V version, using a special safety transformer, guaranteeing the safety of the patients in an aquatic environment.

The pulsaerator has an inbuilt stainless steel AISI 316 pump, a pivoting suction hose with an inbuilt non-return valve, a pressure regulator and pressure guage and a pivoting massage hose connection. The flexible massage hose is equipped with an EW-Matic  hand jet with adjustable jet openings at 5, and 8,5 mm. The aerator system consists of an adjustment valve and a venturi system, which supplies the air to the water. The unit is equipped with 4 large castor wheels.

The special safety transformer is fit for use in hydrotherapy rooms and conforms to the applicable saftey rules. Equipped with a static isolation between the primary and secondary windings.

For more information and documentation, please contact EWAC Medical.


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